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What You Need to Know About Fishing Clothing Gear

What You Need to Know About Fishing Clothing Gear

Fishing clothes broke down from fishing shirts, pants, polarized fishing sunglasses to fishing vests.

By Brand Ambassador | December 20, 2021

Fishing is an adventure at any age worldwide, and knowing and understanding what type of fishing clothes to bring will enhance your experience. Any angler that has been fishing for a while understands how important it is to get the right clothes. Weather does play a part in the fishing clothes since the weather can vary in a moment. Depending on the season and location you are at for fishing means being prepared is essential. Fishing is a game of patience with catching a fish, so being comfortable is a crucial factor. Everything evolves, and the fishing gear is not exempt from that. 

Fishing clothes manufacturers have provided the fishing community with the best-designed fishing gear throughout the years. Fishing clothes broke down from fishing shirts, pants, polarized fishing sunglasses to fishing vests. The hot sun or even the frigged cold fishing clothing gear can protect you. In addition, the clothing that an angler wears will protect them from the environment and the fish. 

Are fishing shirts sun protection?

Are fishing shirts sun protection

Sun protection during fishing, especially on a getaway in Florida, is more critical than most since being on the open water or a river. On deck on the boat in the middle of the ocean while fishing can put your body in harm with the ultraviolet rays beaming down on you. You are looking for fishing shirts to protect you from the sun and know how to read the label. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which measures how the fabric absorbs much ultraviolet radiation. When you look at a fishing shirt to purchase for your next fishing trip, the UPF might have a rating of 50. The rating of the UPF of 50 means that it will allow 1/50th of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation to pass through. UPF of 50 means that only 2% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays will contact your skin after passing through the shirt. Every clothing manufacturer has different materials that make the fishing shirts, and the UPF can help you protect your skin. Getting any type of shirt on during fishing, even during a cloudy day, will help protect your body from the sun.

What clothes should you wear when fishing?

Being on a boat and knowing what type of fishing clothes you need can make your trip a disaster or memorable. Shirts and pants or even shorts are a daily part of our lives. Having the most comfortable but correct clothes is needed. You are protecting your body while wearing a long-sleeve fishing shirt in the hot Florida sun or a short-sleeve shirt for tanning purposes. Also, while sitting down in the captain’s chair or standing, having pants, shorts, or even waders on is admirable. One of the newest trends in fishing is having a facemask. The facemask will help with the sun and no more smelly bait while preparing for that big catch. Florida is a popular spot for fishing, especially in Southwest Florida. Having that face mask, long-sleeve shirt, and pants will help keep those bugs off. Hats, polarized sunglasses, gloves, and water shoes are more items during fishing in the sun or on a cloudy day that can protect you.    

How do you protect yourself from sun fishing?

Protecting yourself and your skin during fishing in the sun can help you enjoy your vacation. Having protecting from the sun can be wearing some of these items:

  • Hat 
  • Sunglasses
  • Long-Sleeve Shirt 
  • Pants
  • Closed Shoes
  • Face Shield or Mask
  • Sunscreen

These items can help you be protected by the sun while fishing. In addition, when you buy fishing clothing gear with a rating UPF 30 or higher with light-colored clothes can be used for fishing and other activities. Hydration is another excellent way to protect your body from the sun during the day as well. 

What fabric is best for sun protection?

Thinking of protecting ourselves from the sun can be an issue depending on where you are currently living. Having items to wear like hats, long-sleeve shirts, and pants are just fishing things people wear to protect themselves. But, just because you are wearing that long sleeve shirt and the sun isn’t directly on your skin, are you protected from the sun?  Knowing the type of fabric is critical with the new enhanced technology that the clothing manufacturers make now. Some of the materials you want to look for are the best sun protection with a UPF rating of 40-50+. The fabrics for the best sun protection are polyester, nylon, wool, and silk. Some of the materials you might want to stay away from are cotton, rayon, flax, and hemp. Sun protection does have some factors that can determine how the clothing manufactured manufactures the material. Some of these factors are:


Dark-colored clothes can be better than light-colored but the dye used can have a higher concentration that affects the ultraviolet rays. 


That stretch in the clothing will impact the ultraviolet rays, unlike clothes that don’t stretch.

What fabric is best for sun protection


The tighter the weaves, the better, and holding it up and not seeing the sun is best. However, if the weaves are loos, you will see the sun’s rays. 


The fabric should be heavy, not light, to protect the ultraviolet rays.


Fabrics, when becoming wet, can reduce the protection of the sun’s rays. 

What material is fishing shirts?

Fishing shirts need to be light in weight and comfortable while fishing. The material in fishing shirts can vary from whom makes the shirts. Some of the most common materials that fishing clothing gear can be produced from:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Elastane  
  • Rayon
  • Spandex

On the shirt’s tag, you will find the fishing shirt material. It might look similar to 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane. In fishing, the shirts need to dry quickly and have high-quality materials. UPF 50+ is considered the best for protection, and many fishing shirts now can be included in the material. For the UPF shirt to have a rating of 50+, the fabric needs to be small and close. Cotton is too thick and heavy for the UDF, so other materials like Polyester and Elastane make the shirts. The material like high-tech polyester will not absorb water like cotton, so this is one of the big reasons why fishing shirts with more polyester. Depending on the fabric of the fishing shirt, you might feel that the material, like nylon, gets hot. Depending on your location, like in  Southwest Florida, this is something to consider when buying a shirt at Royal Shell Port Sanibel Marina. 

Do sun gloves work?

Do sun gloves work

Your hands are pretty essential to use during fishing, and keeping them safe with sun gloves could be the trick. Getting sunburn on your hands doesn’t feel good and won’t help your fishing. Sun gloves allow helping you protect the skin and make the skin feel more relaxed. Sun gloves do come in UPF 50, which is great to have. Sun gloves typically don’t cover the fingertips, which is good to bait that fishing hook. Depending on the manufacturer of the gloves, the materials could be polyester and spandex. Fish have scales that can cut your skin pretty quickly, especially when they move after the catch. The gloves have padding that will cover the pam of your hand to help prevent possible cuts. Sun gloves have an excellent grip on them, so if you grasp a fish, fishing rod or get something from your fishing vest, you won’t have any trouble. Sun gloves are easy to maintain with a little bit of mild soap and using your hands, they will be clean. Overall, sun gloves are great for fishing since not only do they protect your hands from the sun, fish, and dirt, having them for other great outdoor adventures as well. 

Types of fishing shirts?

The type of fishing shirt that an angler will wear is all personal preference. Looking at the forecast for the morning, afternoon, or evening will depend on the type of shirt you will wear. Having all the options for fishing shirts can be stressful, and knowing what to choose from will help.

Button Up

Button-up fishing shirts have more breathing space with a mesh liner and a back vent. In addition, button-ups could have pockets and a rod holder loop. The button-up is available in short sleeves or long sleeves. 

Performance Long Sleeve

The performance long sleeve shirt doesn’t have any pockets, buttons, or zips but will help with the heat. In addition, the long sleeve can manufacture in different materials like dri-fit, microfibers, or polyester. 


Materials like fleece, sweatshirts, and polyester can come in the hoodie—having a hand warmer area in the front depending on the manufacture and material. In addition, hoodies are a great all-around fishing shirt in cold weather or hot weather. 

What is unique about a fishing shirt?

What is unique about a fishing shirt

A fishing shirt is a kind of clothing seen all over at any given time. Fishing shirts are unique and separate themselves from other shirts by looking at them. Fishing apparel can vary but finding that classic button-down short sleeve fishing with pockets makes fishing. With two to six front utility pockets for storage or having an open vent area in the back, fishing shirts are unique. Bright colors and being light-weighted is other factors that make a fishing shirt unique. Newer fishing shirts have great fish designs and are available all over. The best part of a great fishing shirt is that any angler or non-angler can wear it.

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