Tips for Southwest Florida Fishing Charters

tips for southwest florida fishing charters

Florida fishing charters in North Captiva Island at Jensen’s Marina are the perfect way to pass time in the Sunshine State. Book a Florida fishing trip today!

By Brand Ambassador | February 10, 2021

When you come to Southwest Florida, the most important research you can do for your trip involves Florida fishing charters. A fishing trip is one of the most iconic Florida memories you can experience. 

Planning Florida fishing charters can be confusing unless you map out your journey. Focus on what type of fish you want to catch and find a marina and a fishing charter that accommodates your needs to get started. 

Saltwater Fishing Tips in Southwest Florida

saltwater fishing tips in southwest florida

First things first. In Florida, you are likely going to be doing saltwater fishing if you are planning a fishing trip along the coastline. Freshwater fishing in Florida is done in lakes and some rivers in the interior part of the state. You will be saltwater fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Intracoastal Waterway. 

There are many varieties of fish you can catch in Florida depending on what time of year you are fishing. Whether you are ready to tackle inshore fishing, a deep-sea fishing charter, night fishing or more, Florida marinas are ready to handle your professional fishing charter needs. Follow our guide below to catch fish during certain times of the year in the Sunshine State.

Florida Tarpon Fishing

Did you know that Southwest Florida and especially the areas off Captiva Island and Sanibel Island are known as the Tarpon Capital of the World? That is because the first tarpon was supposedly caught in Tarpon Bay on the bayside of Sanibel Island! Florida tarpon fishing is plentiful and our fishing captains can help you catch them! Follow these tarpon fishing tips to learn more: 

  • You need a 30-pound test line to handle tarpon that can weigh up to 100 pounds
  • Monofilament fishing line can absorb the shock of a tarpon’s violent thrashing on the line
  • Tarpon are jumpers and are known to “jump the line”
  • Look for tarpon from Fort Myers all the way to Gasparilla Island in Lee County
  • Tarpon feed off crabs in the passes so you can find them there

Florida Redfish Fishing 

The best thing about redfish is they are in season all year long in Florida! You can always find redfish along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and they are even more plentiful in October along the shores of Sanibel Island and Captiva Island. Follow these tips to find some redfish today:

  • Look for copper redfish on high and falling tides near mangrove islands near Pine Island Sound around Sanibel Island
  • As the tide rises up at high tide, so do the redfish, so follow the tide and catch them in shallower locations at high tide
  • Use a depth finder to track your redfish and look for them in shallower spots
  • Redfish don’t like major surprises so cut your motor and drift up on them quietly
  • Look under the mangroves for redfish hiding
  • Head out after a storm to find active redfish 
  • Look for redfish during a full moon
  • Use chunks of lady fish, pin fish and small crabs as live bait

Florida Kingfish Tips

Florida Redfish Fishing

Kingfish, also known as King Mackerel, are plentiful in the warm Gulf of Mexico along Sanibel Island and Captiva Island, especially in the summer. These kingfish tips will work for you during your Florida fishing excursion: 

  • To catch 50-pound to 60-pound kingfish, you need to employ slow-trolling and drifting rigging setup techniques. Your fishing captain will hook you up!
  • Have a depth finder and a GPS handy to find kingfish when you are miles offshore.
  • Use live bait that includes Pilchards, Mullet and Blue runners. 
  • If you must use frozen bait, try Spanish mackerel, Cigar minnows and Ribbonfish.
  • Use big chunks of bait to attract big kingfish on the line. 
  • Chum the water to attract Kingfish. 
  • Sprinkle a little glitter on the water because they are attracted to the Sparkle. 
  • Story your caught Kingfish in a cooler with ice and saltwater to keep them fresh. 

Florida Snook Season Fishing Tips

Florida snook fishing is one of the best times of the year! Follow these snook fishing tips to find snook in the warm Gulf waters during Florida snook season:

  • Snook are found in mangrove pockets and under piers
  • Look for snook also under piers and in passes, sandbars and inlets
  • A favorite snook fishing spot among locals is near the Sanibel FIshing Pier and the nearby causeway.
  • Use shrimp for live bait
  • Use still fishing, casting, trolling and drift fishing techniques

How Much Do Florida Fishing Charters Cost in Florida?

The cost of a Florida fishing charter is dependent on many things, including: 

  • If the cost of the rental boat is part of the fishing charter or separate
  • How much the hourly rate for the charter costs
  • How many people are in your fishing party

Check and compare prices for Florida fishing charters and never underestimate what it costs to sign up with a marina that has the history, knowledge and expertise of the area to give you the fishing trip of a lifetime. 

Rent a Boat at Jensen’s Marina™ Today

rent a boat at jensen's marina

Did you know that Jensen’s Twin Palm Marina and Cottages™ on Captiva Island has been in operation for more than 50 years? All that’s left to do now is plan your fishing trip and review Florida boat rentals with a marina staff that knows the area and fishing spots like the back of their hands. You will want to rent a boat to reach North Captiva Island near idyllic fishing locales and catch a beautiful sunset.

At Jensen’s Marina™ on Captiva Island, we have the following options:

  • Pontoon fishing boats. Pontoon boats that can accommodate up to 12 people and are great for more relaxing fishing trips in the Intracoastal Waterway.
  • Center console boats. Center console boats are great for fishing groups of up to 5 people where you can head out into the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico for some serious saltwater fishing. 

Schedule North Captiva Island Fishing Charters

There is no other place to schedule your Captiva Island fishing charters than at Jensen’s Twin Palm Marina and Cottages™. 

You can contact our recommended fishing guides directly to plan your charter boat fishing experience. Our fishing partner guides have decades of experience catching fish all over Southwest Florida. They know the fishing spots you need to have a great time on the open water with your fishing partners. 

Jensen’s Marina™ and Cottages also offers a store, a museum, barbecue grills, WiFi internet and fishing access off our private dock! You can also enjoy impromptu-live music events in the evenings under the stars after you return from a successful day of fishing!

Rent a boat, schedule a charter and sightseeing boat tour and plan that fishing trip at Jensen’s Marina™ on Captiva Island today! Contact us today to schedule your perfect Florida marina adventure!

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