Seaside Essentials: How to Pack for the Beach

Seaside Essentials: How to Pack for the Beach

Learn how to pack for the beach and ensure you have everything you need for a great day in the surf and sand.

By Brand Ambassador | August 10, 2022

There’s nothing like a day at the beach. Feeling the sea breeze on your face and your toes in the sand brings a sense of relaxation you won’t find anywhere else. But like with most things, you need to be prepared. Learn how to pack for the beach and make sure you have everything you need for a great day in the surf and sand.

Want to know how to pack for the beach? It starts with making a list of essentials. Your list might include basics like beach towels, beach chairs, lip balm, and sunscreen, as well as creature comforts like hand sanitizer and a portable speaker.

Captiva Island’s breathtaking beaches are within walking distance of Jensen’s Marina™. Get ready to enjoy the perfect time spent seaside with essentials you’ll find on the lists we’ve created below!

What Do You Need to Pack to Go to the Beach?

Going to the beach is a real treat. You can make the experience even better by packing everything you need, from beach essentials to creature comforts.

However, you’ll need a beach bag to pack all these must-have items. Let’s go over what makes a beach bag great before we dive into the details.

How to Choose a Beach Bag

How to Choose a Beach Bag

The first thing you’ll need to grab before packing for the beach is a great beach bag. You’ll find all kinds of options on the market today, from designer straw bags to monogrammed canvas totes. But what kind of bag is best for the beach?

The best beach bags are quick drying and roomy enough for everything you’ll need for a day in the sand and surf. They might have a separate compartment for wet clothes and maybe even a designated spot for your reusable water bottle or Hydroflask. And of course, your beach bag should have room to hold the Captiva Island shells you’ll find on the beaches around Jensen’s Marina™.

If you already have a great beach bag in your closet, you’re ahead of the game. If not, we’ve done the research for you. Here are a few great bags we’ve found on the web, all at varying price points:

Now that you’ve chosen the right bag, it’s time to look at how to pack for the beach to make sure you have everything you need for a fabulous time frolicking where the water meets the sand. We’ve put together a few checklists to help.

How to Pack for the Beach: Essentials

There are a few must-haves that come to mind when thinking about how to pack for the beach. Here’s a checklist of essentials you need to bring when packing for a day of fun and sun.

Don’t forget to pack these items when heading to the beach:

How to Pack for the Beach: Essentials
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing suit
  • Beach towels
  • Beach chairs
  • Water shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Dry bags for wet swimsuits and clothes
  • Beach blanket
  • Umbrella or canopy for shade
  • Cooler or ice chest for water and snacks
  • Sun hat or ball cap
  • Lip balm
  • Cell phone and portable charger
  • Baby wipes
  • Hand sanitizer

Does this sound like more than might fit in your beach bag? Collapsible wagons are a wise and family-friendly way to make sure everyone has what they need for a day at the beach. You can find these wagons at various price points from retailers like Walmart and Target, as well as online from Amazon.

How to Pack for the Beach: Extras

Now that you have the essentials ready to go for a day at the beach, it’s time to think about the extras. These items include creature comforts that can help make the day even more enjoyable.

Consider bringing the following items to the beach to make the day extra fun:

  • Portable speaker and a great beach playlist
  • Frisbees, beach balls, or a volleyball
  • Goggles
  • Snorkel
  • Journal and pen
  • Sketchbook
  • Underwater photography equipment
  • E-readers or books and magazines
  • Buckets and shovels for building sand castles
  • Small mesh bags for collecting seashells

A great day at the beach is simply part of the Captiva Island experience. It is a good idea to come to the beach prepared with both essentials and extras to ensure everyone in the family has a fun time.

What Do I Need to Pack for a 7-Day Beach Vacation? 

The items above are sure to make for a great day at the beach. But what if you’re staying in one of the historic cottages at Jensen’s Marina™ for an entire week? There are quite a few other things you’ll need for a 7-day beach vacation.

What Do I Need to Pack for a 7-Day Beach Vacation? 

Take a look at this basic beach vacation packing list to get ideas on what to pack in your suitcase or travel bag.

  • 6-7 comfortable, casual outfits
  • 1 or two dressier outfits to wear when enjoying the nightlife at Old Captiva Village
  • Fishing clothing gear
  • Pajamas
  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other necessary toiletries
  • Charging cords for cellphones, smartwatches, and other devices
  • A laptop or tablet
  • A basic first aid kit
  • Travel adapters if you’re coming from overseas

Now that you know what to pack, let’s think about how to pack for a 7-day beach vacation.

What to Pack When You’re Visiting Captiva Island

Captiva Island has its own vibe. It’s casual and laid back. You don’t need to bring anything fussy or formal when you’re spending your vacation on island time. Consider keeping the tips below in mind when you’re visiting Captiva Island.

First off, you’ll need to be aware of the weather where you’re traveling. The weather in Captiva Island is mild year-round. However, you might appreciate having rain gear during the summer months or a light jacket or sweatshirt for cooler evenings in late fall or winter.

Some vacationers like to pick a color scheme or capsule wardrobe when packing for their trip. Keep in mind that Captiva Island is usually bright and sunny. You might appreciate carrying this theme into your wardrobe by packing clothing in fun colors and topical prints. If you have a Hawaiian shirt or two or even a fabulous Lily Pulitzer dress, now’s the time to bring them!

Additionally, lots of travelers swear by using packing cubes. Packing cubes help you keep your suitcase or luggage organized and keep clothes compressed and folded neatly. While most packing cubes are designed to fit in a traditional carry-on bag, they’re also useful in duffle bags or a weekender tote. 

A jewelry organizer will help keep accessories and other goodies safe and in place when traveling. A clear cosmetics back will also come in handy. Not only will you be able to see what’s inside, but you’ll breeze through the airport with your liquid items packed in this see-through case.

Some people like to make a checklist of specific items to bring when packing for a vacation. You also might consider laying everything out where you can visually inspect each item before it goes in your luggage. 

And once you’ve packed everything you need, don’t go back and add any extras -- this can lead to overpacking. There are other ways to avoid overpacking. Let’s look at a few methods of keeping things streamlined and packing efficiently.

How Do I Not Overpack for a Beach Vacation?

Overpacking got a beach vacation not only wastes space in your suitcase, but it wastes time doing laundry and when you get home. 

Here are some simple tips to help you avoid overpacking for your next beach vacation:

How Do I Not Overpack for a Beach Vacation?
  • Create a packing list and stick to it.
  • Be realistic about your clothing needs. For example, you might only need 5 or 6 shirts and 2 or three pairs of shorts when packing for a casual beach vacation. Wearing items more than once can save space in your suitcase and create more room for souvenirs.
  • Don’t bring uncomfortable footwear, as you likely won’t wear them or need them on your trip.
  • Know yourself and your interests. If you’re not a huge reader, bringing a library of beach reads and books probably isn’t a good idea.
  • Hopefully, you don’t plan on working while on vacation. Consider leaving the laptop and briefcase at home.
  • The summers on Captiva Island are warm. The average high on Captiva Island in August is 92 degrees, the average low temperature is a balmy 75 degrees. This means you can likely leave the jackets behind.
  • As noted above, consider packing with a single color scheme or in a capsule wardrobe. This can ensure you can mix and match clothing for maximum wear.

Following the simple tips above can help you avoid overpacking for your next beach vacation. 

Plan Your Next Beach Escape with Jensen’s Marina

Now that you know how to pack for the beach, it’s time to get your toes in the same. Jensen’s Captiva Marina and Cottages ™ is the perfect place to enjoy some fun in the sun. 

No matter whether you’re interested in booking a fishing guide to show you the ropes or just relaxing with the Gulf of Mexico breeze in your hair, you’ll love vacationing at Jensen’s ™.  Our historic cottages and full-service marina are waiting for you. 
Plan your next beach escape by contacting Jensen’s Captiva Marina and Cottages ™ today. Call us at (833) 668-7768 or reach out online now.

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