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You need a North Captiva water taxi service to explore all that island Florida has to offer. Make a water taxi and sightseeing tour today at Jensen’s Marina.

By Brand Ambassador | February 11, 2021

Seeing Old Time Florida in a tranquil setting is a must have experience when you travel to Southwest Florida. A Florida trip that involves a private water taxi service so you can spend time on the water is the best way to soak in the Florida experience. 

The best way to see Old Time Florida in all its glory is by taking a North Captiva water taxi service to get to the most relaxing part of Captiva Island. FInding a marina that offers water taxi, fishing and sightseeing tours is the best way to chart your vacation path. 

We have all the answers to your questions below to make you a North Captiva Island expert. 

What is a Water Taxi?

A water taxi is a boat or other form of watercraft to provide transportation over the water to a destination. In many cases, water taxis are used in waterfront locations to get people to popular destinations during a busy time of the day or month to alleviate road traffic congestion. 

Water taxis can have one stop or several stops along the way and are very popular in coastal communities. Water taxi services typically come with a flat fee for a one-way destination. 

Benefits of a Water Taxi

A water taxi is a great way to get around when you are on vacation and want to see the sights when you don’t have a car or get somewhere that’s only accessible by boat.  Here are some other benefits of water taxis: 

  • You can buy a seat for a flat fee
  • It’s typically a direct trip to your destination
  • Avoiding rush hour and sometimes getting to a destination quicker than by car
  • Sitting outside on a boat 
  • Enjoying the beautiful scenery
  • Looking for marine wildlife
  • Meeting other travelers in a casual setting
  • Getting a boat ride on a vacation is always a perk
  • Learning more about the area from other travelers and the water taxi captain
  • Creating memories with your loved ones that will last forever

While there are plenty of benefits for taking a water taxi, you also need to make sure you pack all of the essentials. To learn more, check out our article What to Pack For a Day on the Boat.

How Do You Get to Captiva Island?

This is the first question people ask before heading to one of the best islands Florida has to offer. The short answer is that Captiva Island is accessible by car via way of Fort Myers by crossing Blind Pass Bridge. Captiva Island is approximately 16 miles from Fort Myers. 

You will want a car on Captiva Island because you can access Sanibel Island via car as well, which gives you access to more shopping and eatery options. 

Next learn how to get water taxi service to North Captiva Island.

how much is the ferry to north captiva island

How Do I Get from Captiva to North Captiva Island?

So how do you get from Captiva to North Captiva Island and what’s the difference? These are great questions. 

For starters, while Captiva Island is accessible via bridge, North Captiva Island is only accessible via a North Captiva Water Taxi or other method of boating. The following options are available to you to get to North Captiva: 

  • Boat rentals
  • Water taxi to North Captiva
  • Island tours
  • Ferries
  • Private sightseeing tours

Water Taxi Captiva to Boca Grande Service

Water taxi service from Captiva to Boca Grande is popular. Boca Grande Pass is a beautiful area full of fish, sun and surf. Take advantage of a water taxi service at Jensen’s Marina™ that goes to historic Boca Grande, the most northern of destinations offered by Jensen’s Marina™. Once there, you will enjoy an historic town that includes restaurants and a museum, as well as galleries and shops. Enjoy beautiful downtown streets lined with trees and homes that are grand in stature. 

Take a Water Taxi to Pine Island

Enjoy a water taxi ride to Pine Island and head back in time to an island known for its fantastic art galleries. You can also take a walking tour of the island at the Historic Calusa Native American Shell Mound. Schedule a water taxi to Pine Island at Jensen’s Marina™ today.

Is There a Ferry to Cabbage Key?

A lot of people ask the following questions: “How do I get to Cabbage Key?” and “Is there a ferry to Cabbage Key?

The answer to the first question is Cabbage Key is so secluded that it is only accessible by boat. Cabbage Key is one of many coastal keys in Southwest Florida in Pine Island Sound. 

You can reach Cabbage Key via a water taxi from Pine Island to North Captiva Island. by renting a boat or booking a private charter. From Fort Myers, you can take a ferry from Pine Island Sound to Cayo Costa State Park.

How Far is Cabbage Key from Captiva?

Cabbage Key is not far at all via boat from Captiva Island. It’s approximately 8 miles or the equivalent of a peaceful 1-hour boat ride to Cabbage Key from North Captiva Island. 

What is There to Do on Cabbage Key? 

Think peaceful, relaxing activities that include:

  • Lunch on the beach
  • Natural beaches for sunbathing and shelling
  • Lunch at the Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant
  • Fishing charters
  • Water taxi service and private sightseeing tours
  • Dolphin watching

Get a Rental Boat at Jensen’s Marina™ Today

Jensen’s Marina™ on North Captiva Island has been in operation for more than 50 years. We also offer boat rentals to see the coastline for yourself. You can rent a boat on North Captiva Island and we offer the following rental boat options: 

  • Pontoon fishing boats. Pontoon boats can hold larger parties of up to 12 people and can be fun for slow cruises through the Intracoastal Waterway.
  • Center console boats. Use a center console boat for small fishing groups of up to 5 people and head into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico for some serious saltwater fishing. 
  • Boston whalers. Need some more room for a fishing trip? Try an 18” Boston Whaler with a 150-horsepower Yamaha four-stroke motor that holds up to six people and has a 1,000-pound weight capacity for your fishing crew and your gear. 

Schedule a Water Taxi from Captiva to North Captiva Today

schedule a water taxi from captiva to north captiva today

A boat ride and North Captiva water taxi service is all within your reach at Jensen’s Twin Palm Marina and Cottages™. Do some island hopping by scheduling a water taxi today. You can schedule an island tours trip with a couple of boat stops on nearby islands for some sightseeing and to grab lunch. 

You can contact us today to set up a boat ride and a private sightseeing tour or a private water taxi today that can involve a beach lunch, a shelling excursion and dolphin watching. 

North Captiva Private Water Taxi Information

Our North Captiva private water taxi service and sightseeing adventure includes scheduled trips to the following: 

  • North Captiva Island
  • Cabbage Key
  • Pine Island
  • Boca Grande

Come enjoy the Jensen's Marina™ Captiva Island experience. We offer boat rides and private outer island tours by the hour or as long as you like. We offer the following rates. All you have to do is pick the time and invite your family and friends for parties up to six people.

  • $129 per hour for 1-2 hours
  • $100 per hour for 3 hours or more

Our marina also offers a museum, barbecue food options, a store, wireless internet and fishing access off our private dock! Come enjoy live music events too in the evenings along the water,

Come schedule a charter, North Captiva Island water taxi and sightseeing boat tour and plan that fishing trip at Jensen’s North Captiva Island today! Contact us to schedule your perfect North Captiva water taxi, boat ride and private sightseeing tour!

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